Hello World!

This blog will serve as a repository for my worldbuilding thoughts, ideas, and articles. I expect most of what I create to be posted elsewhere first, but I figured I should have one “go to” location for archival purposes.

The situation is always… fluid.

– Badger, Firefly

If you want to follow what I create in one central spot, this blog is “it”. At least as I write this, i.e. in August 2020. We’ll see what the future brings.

While this is technically a blog, I expect to update old articles rather than post new ones if I make changes to aspects of my worlds. I think this will work better than posting “City Data version 2.1” or some-such.

Why “Nowhence”? Simply put, it’s a domain I bought a long time ago for vague worldbuilding purposes, but had never used.