Gibson City

Gibson City’s Paradise Shores

In Gibson City’s Southwestern area lies a district known as Paradise Shores – Beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and a party that never ends. If you can afford it.

Size: 250 square kilometers (about 50km north-south and 5km wide)

Population: 1.2 million

Paradise Shores was named after its physical beauty; the beautiful, white sand of its beaches, the sunsets, and the weather. Located in the south-western part of Gibson City, Paradise Shores is cooled by ocean currents and winds alike, giving it less unbearable climate than most of Gibson. It was first claimed in year 21, but was not developed until decades later. As Gibson City grew, Paradise Shores became popular with the new wealthy elite of the city, who sought an escape from the sprawling old city, from increased crime and pollution, but above all from the heat. Within a few years, seafront mansions and inland Skyrise towers were built. Prices skyrocketed until only the richest people on Gibson were able to afford living in Paradise Shores.

Finding employment in Paradise Shores is seen by many as equivalent to winning a lottery ticket.

In the past two decades, the municipal administration of Paradise Shores has attempted to make the district more accessible, if not for homeowners, at least for artists and corporate middle management. It also revived street festivals and introduced subsidies for bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues.

Known for:

  • Extravagant life styles of the locals, bordering on – and often crossing into – decadence.
  • Some of the best, most spectacular, and often non-stop, parties on the planet. If you can get invited.
  • Street festivals, bars, and similar venues. Invitations not required, but beware the prices.
  • Beautiful sunsets and beach life.

Distinguishing features:

  • Agreeable climate.
  • Beautiful, sandy beaches.
  • White, blue, and gold color scheme dominates the district.
  • Mansions and Skyrise towers that are designed to be works of art; no two are alike.

Two Local Legends:

  • It is said that pretty much any desire or vice, no matter how immoral or illegal, is catered for at some party or another. The colonial government looks the other way due to the wealth and influence of those involved.
  • Some of the most extravagant and refined events are rumored to be hosted by the wealthiest, and perhaps most secretive, AI on Gibson, Solomon. His personal Skyrise features wonders ranging from robotic, gold-plated fish floating in the air of the cathedral-like lobby, to a floor-sized physical miniature animated model of a landscape on which the human development from cave-men to modernity happens over the course of an evening. Of course, some people claim that Solomon does not even exist.

  • First published on Reddit, as a response to JoelS90’s “Design a District” challenge.

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