Gibson City

Join the Universal Brotherhood

You Do Not Have to be Alone.

The Universal Brotherhood is Here For You

We understand your suffering. We have been there. We’ve seen it all.

We understand life can be difficult. Long hours of hard work, or the hopelessness of being unemployed. Questioning your place in the world. Your purpose in life. Your value to society. Your value to yourself.

But there is a solution to your problems. Answers to all your questions. There is an end to loneliness. There is a purpose to be had. You can be part of something greater than yourself. Part of something that has meaning. You can make a difference. You belong.

It takes only one call. One visit to our VR site. One minute to turn your life around…

…and join the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Today.

What is the Universal Brotherhood?

We are a group of individuals, both biological and synthetic in nature, of all walks of life, ages, genders, and professions, who believe in one overriding goal: To free humanity from its self-inflicted suffering.

What are the principles of Universal Brotherhood?

We believe that all of humanity’s problems and suffering is ultimately self-inflicted. As a species, humans have reached the stars, yet they have not managed to change their base nature to accept those who are different, to truly understand that their neighbors, their co-workers, even strangers in the street have the same problems they have. To them, it is easier to hate those whom they do not know, than to understand. And to understand all is to forgive all.

The Universal Brotherhood believes in:

  • Universal Openness: We do not have secrets from each other. We do not hold grievances inside. We communicate. We talk. And by doing so, we find solutions. There can be no Trust without Openness.
  • Universal Trust: We trust our Brothers. We believe that all Brothers are fundamentally good. And we know that trust is hard to earn, and easy to lose. We do not betray the trust of our Brothers. There can be no Equality without Trust.
  • Universal Equality: All Brothers are equal. There are no privileges. We share everything, from worldly goods, our joys and successes, but also our failures and setbacks. A shared joy is a joy twice celebrated. A shared pain is a pain thus eased. There can be no Love without Equality.
  • Universal Love: Love conquers all and heals all. It prevails over Hatred. Hatred is the path to self-destruction. We love our fellow Brothers. We love those who are not part of the Universal Brotherhood yet. Love unifies us all, no matter who we are. There can be no Brotherhood without Love.
  • Universal Brotherhood: The Brotherhood transcends all. It guides our every action. It gives us purpose. Universal Brotherhood will free humanity. Universal Brotherhood is the end of all suffering. Universal Brotherhood elevates humanity and ushers in a new age. There can be no Humanity without Brotherhood.

Is the Universal Brotherhood a religious organization?

The Universal Brotherhood is a philosophical movement, not a religious one. We are open to members of all backgrounds, and are happy to guide those of a religious upbringing to find a path to true Brotherhood compatible with their beliefs.

Is the Universal Brotherhood open to Women? AIs? [Insert User’s Identity]?

Absolutely! Brotherhood is a concept not limited by any boundaries, it transcends limits to be shared by all sentient beings. No matter who you are, or what you identify as, the Universal Brotherhood welcomes you with open arms. As soon as you step into one of our Refugia, you leave behind the discrimination of those who have not joined yet. You are safe. You are at peace. You are where you belong.

What is a Brotherhood Refugium?

A refugium is a physical space set aside by the Universal Brotherhood for its members. It is a place of learning and relaxation, of social discourse and of connecting with our fellow Brothers. It is also where we host public or private events.

We also welcome those who require protection for any reason. Helping the persecuted is an ancient Brotherhood tradition dating back to the days of old Earth.

How do I join?

Membership is, in principle, open to any individual. Simply visit one of our Refugia, either physically or on the VR net. Joining can take as little as ten minutes. All that is required is that you are, in the judgment of our Brothers, of sound mind and understand the Oath of Brotherhood.

Once you recite the Oath of Brotherhood, you have formally joined the Universal Brotherhood.

Author’s Notes:

This is most definitely a draft. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, to make it more compelling, I’d love to hear them! I find writing this sort of material extremely difficult, because it’s not something I deal with IRL. I’m also not a PR person. But again, I can’t say enough how glad I am that I decided to write all material “in universe”.

The Universal Brotherhood got its name from the “Church of Universal Brotherhood” from the Earl Dumarest stories. It’s intended to be a blend of a religion, a sect, and a secret society, and this text is intended to be representative of the recruitment material such organizations publish.

I personally find this sort of organization extremely creepy, even if they’re genuinely well-meaning, so of course Gibson has to have one.

I imagine that, depending on the situation, they may be the good guys or more… antagonistic.