Gibson City

A Timeline of Gibson

“The future, for me, is already a thing of the past.”

Bob Dylan

This Brief History of Gibson City uses Earth-Equivalent Years.

-200The First Settlers build an outpost on Gibson. (“The First Settlers”)
-2The Gibson system is discovered by Colonial Expedition 762. (“Gibson’s Solar System”)
0Colonial Expedition 762 settles Gibson. (“Prospertiy Day”)
10Surface exploration of Gibson begins in earnest. (“The First Settlers”)
First democratically elected President. (“An Overview of the Government”)
17The ruins of the First Settlers outpost are discovered. (“The First Settlers”)
21Paradise Shores is first claimed. It won’t be developed until decades later. (“Paradise Shores”)
35Pioneers Landing is designated a National Park. (“Pioneers Landing”)
132Juan Charles Adams-Koval dies when his flyer crashes on a routine survey flight (“The Valley of Steel”)
180Municipal administration of Paradise Shores implements measures to make district more accessible and affordable. (“Paradise Shores”)
186The Manifesto of the Humanity Party of Gibson is published. (“Manifesto”)
189“Gibson: Our Mysterious Planet; An Analysis of Modern Myths and Mysteries”, by John Gates and Francis Drake, is published. (“The Valley of Steel”)
191A prototype mining barge visits the Morgan asteroids. (“Gibson’s Solar System”)
200Gibson’s population reaches 100 million. (“Prosperity Day”)

Author’s Notes:

This timeline will be updated every time new data becomes available (i.e. when I post new content about Gibson that mentions specific dates).